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come to this. it’ll be good. fuck yes

come to this. it’ll be good. fuck yes

this is happening this coming saturday 4th december

this is happening this coming saturday 4th december

help me, i can’t swim….. (a metaphor)

basically i am cutting myself off from the world for the most part.

i don’t even know why i am fucking bothering. i only have 6 followers, and mostly that’s out of politeness. when i am gone completely, try not to remember me yeah…?

love, etc….

pandabear x

this goes out to the REAL metallers out there, NOT the false metallers, the REEEEAAAALLLLL ones, you dig?

la la la la laaaaa

scene creamers; a written rant. good, but not good enough for spindle magazine t’would appear….

According to any reputable self help book, recovery can only begin once there is admittance of a problem. Never a truer word spoken, particularly when you apply said theory to Brighton. A city priding itself on a bohemian outlook, tolerant demeanour and diverse nature, no?


Brighton is, at the heart of it all an incestuous cesspit of trite generic attitudes, pseudo-art and is in fact as bohemian as a swift kick to the shin! Now that’s not to say we hate Brighton, far from it, there is some excellent work of note falling through the cracked smiles and false pretences (just to be clear we DON’T include ourselves in this).

The biggest impact is invariably made by the nightlife, the post work scene, the wave of mutilation that cuts a dash from east to west. There is little space for independent thought, fresh ideas or anything that doesn’t fit. Experimentation was always the way new music, film and art made itself appealing; these days if you don’t wear winklepickers and sport an ironic hat, you are viewed much like art critics were viewed by The Futurists; dangerous and useless.

Every bar, pub and club is filled with rats of the junior capital, and everyone who runs a night trys to out-Barley each other; to the point where people appear to be using musical thesauruses to label themselves… I expect a wave of Pan-Indonesian throat prog to make an appearance at some point, yeah? If you go to one of these nights, and actually have the gall to ask for something listed, you’re treated like a fool. Heaven forbid they play Black Flag at a hardcore punk night, or crime of crimes El-P at a hip hop event. The advent of cooler than thou as punctured and infected the city, everyone sports sleeve tattoos identical to everyone else, everyone is in a band, some really cool types are in 2. And everyone is beautiful, and everyone is mates with everyone, and everyone is a DJ / promoter / artist yeah, but they have to slum it at The Levi’s store until, like, some A&R guys come looking.

This is ultimately a rant, an elegy and just words on a page. Words on a page in a magazine. That ultimately the scene creamers will read, and comment on. Comment on how they are glad they aren’t those poor fuckers.

Thanks for reading, I’m off to drink a quart of bleach and listen to the next big thing… Colombian drug mule-core-tronica anyone?


this is what im doing tonight…..

hello to anyone who might read this, and/or give a fuck…

me and my panda bear paws will be playing records at BRAINS, which is our bi-monthly shindig at The West Hill. 9pm - 3am. free entry. good music and nice people. so turn up, but DON’T text / call me saying what am i doing, if you have seen this, kinda negates blogging, no?

love etc x

This Weeks Listings


Thursday 23rd: Black Milk 10.30-2.00

Friday 24th: Deviant 10.00-3.00

Saturday 25th: Livin’ in the 80’s Ravin’ in the 90’s


doing some DJing tonight.

at the west hill. its our night called BRAINS.

its right fearsome. come down… 9pm - 3am. free entry. no cunts…..


new hockeytemper tracks coming soon ///////

new BLACK MILK night soon ////////

new kickingadeadpig website launching in the not tooooooo distant future